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  • Stigma and Health Disparities among Sexual and Gender Minorities
    This study is currently in development and will explore sexual and gender minority stigma and heath, as well as healthcare experiences in LGBT identified individuals in rural Appalachia, using a mixed methods design.

  • The Daily Experiences Survey
    This study examines self-compassion and perceived stigma in the daily lives of sexual minorities.

  • The Study of Self among Sexual Minorities
    This study examines stigma and self compassion among sexual minorities.

  • Perceived Stigma of Infertility

  • Attitudes Toward Sexual Orientation
    This study aims to examine attitudes toward gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals, as well as the lived experience of those who self-identify with a sexual minority label.

  • Parents' Perceived Stigma about Seeking Mental Health Services for their Children
    Funded by an R21 grant from the NIMH.
    This study aims to develop a psychometrically sound measure for evaluating rural parents' perceptions of stigma surrounding seeking mental health services for their children's behavioral health, and to assess the acceptability of integrated models of care especially as they may reduce stigma.